Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pentax Blogging on the Net

Why? Well, let's set the scene*. There may be some Pentax related blog posts out there in the world, but alot of them aren't specific to just Pentax SLR users, who have their own special plight. Some of us have Apple-like devotion to Pentax. Some of us roll our eyes compulsively at the goings on of this little company. Most of us are cheap.

And that's not easy to defend in a landscape where it's not uncommon to read about addictive buyers spending more on their camera gear than they did for their SUV. But it gets worse. Face it, many photography blogs do tend to ramble on by nitpicking opinionated issues (which follows porn as the second best reason for the internet's popularity), while bragging (number 3) or rumor mongering (number 4), so there's hardly reason to join the fray if that was going to be my cup of tea (and it isn't).

So, where does OK One-Thousand stand in this? As your slightly partial guide to Pentax sympathetic news and interesting flotsam related to Pentax SLRs. And that's it. There won't be detailed lens comparisons here or reviews of the latest Canons or Nikons, but there may be a few mild-tempered reviews of interesting Pentax stuff. And, hopefully, Pentax specific tips that actually prove useful.

This little adventure is scheduled to last at least 6-12 months, which is about all the time I can foresee investing in this until I'll pass the torch. Unless, of course, you get a kick out of this and I don't grow bored. And, finally, assuming the little camera company that could is still alive and kicking out the jams.

And the title? Well, OK Computer meets the K1000, with exclamation points, because it's just brimming with attitude and excitement, duh.

- Michael G. (OK-1K), April, 2006

*Update: A little disclaimer. The contents of this blog constitute my opinion. I try to represent subjects accurately, but if I get it wrong, please remember this is not an entirely objective resource, and I welcome feedback. Corrections can be made. I've gone back and changed posts all time for spelling and tweaking's sake.


Florian said...

Great blog and I enjoy reading it very much! I've been a fan of PENTAX since owning my first SLR. Now I own an *ist DL and absolutely love it...

Kelly Hays said...

Thanks for the blog man, it is great. I really do enjoy reading it. Thanks again.

ozgur said...

that's great blog.

I'm pentax user and my blog is


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