Friday, April 28, 2006

Pentax IR Remote from your Palm Device

Trying to get in front of the lens or learning to avoid camera shake? As well as a plug for a typical wired shutter remote, the later Pentax models, particularly *ist cameras, have IR remote sensors so that you can wirelessly trigger the shutter. A brand new IR remote is a good investment (they're invaluable for self-portraits), but most of the infrared remotes for Pentax SLR cameras in the last 5 years should work to trigger the IR on an *ist, and you should be able to locate a used remote for about $10-$15, or less. You could even build your own if you're positively inclined to do that sort of thing.

But if you're a multi-purpose sort of person and you have a Palm OS device with an IR port, you can use it to trigger the IR on your Pentax, at no extra cost. And likely have it ready in just a few minutes from now.

For the first option, I meant "no extra cost" as long as you already have Noviiremote Software for Palm ($24.95), because there's a custom database file written by Lawrence Kwon to trigger your Pentax using Noviiremote's interface. Lawrence's file is free. This is a wee bit more complicated to set up than plugging in a remote, and Noviiremote's a pricey bit of software if you only use it for your Pentax, but it can probably play nice with your TV and stereo.

The easiest option I've seen is "IR remote shutter control for Pentax" or PRCF, a free program released by Arthur de Beun. It's still in beta, but works well on most Palm OS 4 and 5 handhelds, including the Treo. It's released under the GNU license at SourceForge. Essentially, it displays a large button on your Palm's screen. You press it and you trigger your shutter. Easy as pie.

Links: Palm Sourceforge Project for Pentax IR, Noviiremote Pentax File


2:Ø>4:Ø said...

Let us know as soon as there is a Pocket PC itteration, will ya?

Keegan said...

I tried the freeware but it didnt work on the treo. I then tried the Novii remote and it worked great!

I can now use my Treo 650 as the shutter remote!!

Its only good up to about 10 feet though but its a cool parlor trick.

Steve said...

I downloaded the freeware program IR remote shutter control for Pentax and installed on my Palm TX. I am now able to remote press the shutter for my Pentax K10d.

This is a good day.

Lei said...

The freeware "IR remote shutter control for Pentax" works perfect on my Treo680.

However, what I really want is a remote control with countdown timer. It was horrible I shot a cactus blooming manually.

Lei said...

WinCE/PPC/WinMobile version can be found here:

And luckly with timer function.

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