Friday, April 28, 2006

Pentax Lens Clearance Reminders

Since Pentax discontinued a large portion of their longtime KA lens line-up this February (2006), I gather many of those lenses have sold out pretty quickly in shops. Arguably, there should be some new lenses to replace these, but except for some new DA and limited lens announcements it's been quiet. Henry's, one of Canada's largest camera stores, has been a Pentax retailer for ages, and for at least the last couple of months they've been moving out plenty of these discontinued lenses, along with some interesting used and display items. As usual, they've been making some of them available on eBay. However, they do seem to be coming to the end of what appeared to be a pretty good spree. You might want to check out the Henry's eBay auctions if you haven't already. I haven't purcahsed anything from Henry's, but there were some tantalizing hard to find constant zooms and brilliant super-long range telephoto lenses in their auctions this spring.

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