Thursday, May 18, 2006

*ist D Long Term Review and Pentax Remote Cable Diagrams at Digicaminfo

Digicaminfo recently posted a very detailed review of the *ist D from an uncommon perspective. They presented their candid opinions of the camera after a few years of living with the *ist D and their modest collection of lenses. Over 5 pages, they delve into all the aspects professionals will usually evaluate a camera by, from ergonomics and accuracy, to lens compatibility and flash handling, using illustrated examples and peeks into their budget. There is even discussion of batteries and the firmware updates. I can't recommend this thoughtful critique enough to new users looking for an example of what the *ist D typically offers when you push it to jump through a lot of different hoops.

But at the site Digicaminfo there are also some helpful tips for people who think they might be able to put together their own Pentax Remote Cable, based on schematics that are drawn up and explained, particularly for the *ist Cable Release and the "F" Cable Release. Because the wiring centers on a 2.5" stereo audio plug, these cables are often easily made compatible (if you have the experience and inclination) with different Pentax models.

This is just part of the Pentax user repository that has been put together at Digicaminfo, alongside information about camera metering, white balance, histograms, Autofocus, and Panoramic/Stitch, mostly told with examples for the *ist D. Although the website is rather grey and dark, the tutorials are easy to follow and well written. Moreover, because the *ist models are very similar at heart, the site should be recommended for any *ist fans.

Links: Digicaminfo, *ist D Long Term User Review, Pentax Cable Release Diagrams, Cable "F" Switch Compatibility

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Chris Nielsen said...

If you are handy with the soldering, it would be no problem to cut the cable of the F switch and mount the 2.5 stereo jack. Saves a lot of money for the Pentax CS-205 cable switch.

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