Friday, May 19, 2006

Pentax at Seoul Photo and Imaging Expo 2006

Pentax is again showing the new and as-yet-unnamed models of its digital lineup for Fall 2006, now at the Seoul Int'l Photo & Image Show 2006 in Korea, May 18th to the 21st.

Photo copyright 2006, Pentax Corporation.

Previously seen at PMA 2006, the upcoming 10MP DSLR, which may be the future replacement for the original *ist D model, released in 2003, was spotted by Aving News. They say that the Korean retailer, Donwon Systems (seriously?) has not indicated new additional info about release dates and pricing, or when there will be an official announcement. Mind you, it's only an industry trade show. There are a few photos of the new "D" model at Aving (at least 7) to whet your appetite. (Thanks for the tip off, Engadet and DP Review forums!)

Links: Engadget post, Seoul Int'l P&I Show Website, Aving News Article, PMA 2006 Announcement of upcoming models

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