Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pentax Groups at Flickr

Updated November 11th. One reason I love isbecause it's easy to set up special groups for everyone to contribute photos towards, and Pentax users have been taking great advantage of Flickr since the get-go. There are about 8 groups right now that have an avid following, some with discussions, and others that are slowly coming together, but all of them represent diverse interests and photographers from all over the world who love their Pentax SLRs.

Flickr's Pentax Groups:

Over the next while, this blog will highlight some of those photos, both new and older, posted to these groups. But these groups really are worth looking through on their own merits, especially as a starting point to dive into Flickr browsing tangents. Here are a few beautiful examples to whet your appetite:

* Updated June 8th with link to Flickr Okay One-Thousand Group.

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