Monday, May 08, 2006

Pochidayo's Blog and the Pentax FGZ 540 Flash

To translate to Japanese, click here.

If this can be any indication of things to come, it looks like the Pentax AF 540 FGZ flash that hit the stores recently has some serious abilities, particularly with the *ist DS line up, and so things are starting to look good for the rest of the Pentax releases set for this fall.

The DP Review Forum contributer Pochi has been playing around with his new FGZ 540 flash for the last two weeks and has plenty to say about it on his blog. He's got comparison pics of the 540 FGZ next to the 500 FTZ and a few pictures with outdoor fill flash and the limited FA 77mm lens that look terrific, showing both to be extremely capable for portrait photography. For example, a dog's white fur is perfectly exposed with a 1/400 sec capture with high-speed synch in daylight. Not too shabby. Altavista's Babelfish helped me translate from the Japanese text. Essentially, Pochi describes the smoother styling of the new flash as glamorous. It's his favorite "new weapon." And I'd have to agree, it looks great and gives results.

This shot with his Pentax Limited FA 43mm/1.9 and, below, of his lovely daughter Koto with the Pentax Limited FA 77mm, are no exception:

Full size photo available here.

Above photos from Pochi's blog, here and here, Copyright Pochi, 2006.

Links: Babelfish Translations of Pochi's Post on the AF 540 FGZ, Original Japanese Post, Pochidayo Blog


Anonymous said...

wow great pict looks like the flash will sell well
- daniel toronto

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully interesting blog post thanks for writing it
i just added your blog to my bookmarks and will check back often.

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