Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SILKYPIX and Pentax Digital Photo Lab 3.0

I recently wrote to Ichikawa Soft Laboratory to ask some questions about their SILKYPIX software and the upcoming release of Pentax Photo Laboratory 3.0 that will ship with the new Pentax K100D. As we heard last week, SILKYPIX will be the new rendering engine used for RAW processing .PEF files within the Pentax's Lab software. Ai Hara from wrote me back a very nice email, which didn't have much new to add because of the NDA between Ichikawa Soft Laboratory and Pentax, but she did say that, "We are extremely happy to see that so many American Pentax users are interested in our software." And despite the "ratio of the SILKYPIX Developer Studio users and Pentax users being almost the same as the number of Pentax users in the digital single lens reflex camera market", their "goal is to offer to everyone an excellent product and raw engine."

Essentially, SILKYPIX are providing only a development engine to Pentax and won't be able offer any additional product upgrades to SILKYPIX or the Lab software to Pentax customers. Users of Pentax Digital Photo Laboratory 2.1 will have to ask Pentax about whether a free upgrade will be made available to v3.0. But SILKYPIX believe that the .PEF will stay the Pentax RAW format and they promise to support all future cameras. Ai also asked to remind everyone that all the .PEF processing capabilities in SILKYPIX Developer Studio 2.0 are well rounded for .PEF files, as if to say that we should expect that the new Pentax software will render at the same level of what is presently available from SILKYPIX. The Pentax Lab software, however, may add more image sorting capabilities and bells and whistles for sharing. And, yes that's how it's spelled: SILKYPIX in all caps.

SILKYPIX is available as a free download for Win XP and Mac OS X. It runs in an unlocked demo mode for a limited time, or in a free mode with crippled batch functionality and tweakability. Mind you, the free mode alone is fantastic for sharpening and basic contrast adjustments. Free updates usually come every month or sooner. Right now, they're at version as of May 24th. The full version of SILKYPIX Developer Studio 2.0 is 16,000 yen (or about $145 US) and worth every penny.

Link: Download SILKYPIX 2.0

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Daniel Hyams said...

I'm liking silkypix as well. In free mode, is the batching totally disabled; i.e., can I only process one picture at a time, in the foreground?

That's what it is looking like to me, but with all of the translational problems, I thought maybe I was missing something.

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