Tuesday, June 20, 2006

K100D Review and Shake Reduction Tech Interview At Kakaku.com

Kakaku.com has posted a review of the Pentax K100D that also includes a terrific sub-article where they interview a Pentax spokesman about the Shake Reduction system that was unveiled for this new camera. They love its small size and the 2.5" display that has great viewing angle brightness. Auto-focus speed is improved, and so are the write speeds to the SD card. They get pretty in-depth with their SR tech interview, which impressed them, so that alone is worth a peek. Also, along with their review of the camera, they have some neat sample pictures.

Photo copyright Kakaku.com, 2006. Info: 21mm F3.2AL Limited, Portrait mode, ISO200 and F9.0, 1/400 seconds, developed from RAW in Pentax Lab 3.0 with SILKYPIX engine. BTW, that's the "unchi" flame atop the Asahi building in the background.

Translated, the SR article states that the technology was in development for approximately 20 years, and the K100D for about 2 years. Here are some highlights:

"Research was done back in film camera era, but when we were creating the new mechanism it became a big turning point when film evolved to digital."

"As for the shake reduction of the sensor shift system, there are 2 gyro sensors, checking the distance and direction of off-center movement. The correction value is calculated at high speed to move the sensor in the proper horizontal or vertical direction. The sensor moves thanks to magnetic force. The force is controlled with the plane coil of a magnet and the center of the front plate. Because a mechanical guide rail does not exist, there is no power loss or friction, and this results in nimble responsiveness and speed."

"In order for the CCD not to tilt, 3 position sensors are in place. One checks the movement in a horizontal direction, and the remaining two check the vertical. With the two vertically checks, the sensors are also looking at the inclination. By always watching the signals of these two sensors, it controls the respective position, in a parallel state. There are no times when it tilts."

Links: Kakaku.com K100D, Google Translation

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