Wednesday, June 14, 2006

K100D Sample Pictures

The Japanese Pentax site has a few things that the North American sites have yet to encorporate, namely some lovely sample pictures taken with the K100D and the new DA 21mm. If you follow this link (translated to English here), you'll see 4 sample pictures including this slick portrait (full size) made with the K100D, the FA 300 F2.8, and Pentax Photo Lab 3.0 using the Vivid Color curve and no additional adjustments to saturation, sharpness, or contrast.

Photo copyright Pentax, 2006. (300mm, 1/500s at F4, ASA 200)

Images no. 2 (below) and no. 4 are wide angle shots with the new DA 21mm F3.2 Limited, taken at night with exposures that probably aren't hand held, even though the K100D has shake reduction. The detail and contrast look consistent with Pentax's best lenses. Again, I have to say that lens looks like it's going to be fantastic for under $500 U.S. next month. Quite a duo for July.

Photo copyright Pentax, 2006. (21mm, 1/5s at F4.5, ASA 200)

Links: Pentax Japan Page, English Translation

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