Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Okay! One-Thousand! The Flickr Group!

This June I initiated a Flickr group for any Pentax user (old film cameras to the latest DSLRs) so that there might be a consistent gallery to go along with this blog. I went with Flickr because there are already thousands of Pentax users uploading their photos every day, and Flickr makes it easy to tag any photo so that it can be in your own gallery as well as in the group's gallery. I'm hoping many of you reading this might consider getting an account (it's free), joining up, and contributing your pictures. There's a lot of talent out there that can inspire newcomers.

1/400s at f/14, SMC-DA 18-55mm at 45mm, ASA 200, Polarizing Filter.

From my Flickr statement: "This group focuses on monthly subjects with the criteria that the photo was accomplished in some way with the help of Pentax SLR equipment. I think it's a little about gear and more about sharing what works for you, old school or digital. For example, no matter when the photos were taken, if they match the month's subject (such as "Rural Landscape"), they can be posted to the Group. Descriptions should include information on the Pentax equipment used (such as "Pentax LX with SMC-A 28mm 1:2.8" or Canon 20D with M42 adaptor and screwmount Pentax Super Takumar 50mm 1:1.4") and, if possible, exposure settings and digital device (such as 1/60 s at 28mm and f/5.6" on Kodak Gold ASA 200, no flash, scanned on a Nikon Coolscan 4000). If you don't have all those details, it's okay, too."

This month's topic is "Tall Height", as in scale, proportion and perspective. It's just getting started and already there are some great pictures. It's not competitive and is just for fun. So take a look and contribute!

Link: OK1000 Flickr Group

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