Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OS X 10.4.7 Update Adds Support For The Pentax *ist DL

As it was hinted at earlier, support has finally arrived with the next Mac OS software update, OS 10.4.7 (PPC and Intel). Apple has just released an update which resolves the issue of incompatibility with its native image applications (Preview, iPhoto, and Aperture) by adding RAW support for the Pentax *ist DL. This is great news for *ist DL Mac users.

Unfortunately, this is only for the *ist DL and not the *ist DS. Variations of these cameras are also unsupported, as no other camera but the previously supported *ist D is mentioned in the Apple RAW.plist file. For workarounds, you'll want to look at this tutorial, which explains how to modify the Raw.plist file to add your camera. Now that the *ist DL has resources in the Raw.plist file, it makes the best source for duplicating and renaming the resources to a DS, DS2, and DL2 camera.

From Apple: "(10.4.7) Adds RAW image support for these cameras: Olympus C7070, Olympus E330, Olympus E500, Minolta Dynax 5D, Minolta Maxxum 5D, and Pentax *ist DL."

Link: Apple OS X Update 10.4.7 (66.5MB), Waiting for Aperture and iPhoto Support: Modified Resources for Pentax *ist DSLRs


Ian Goldby said...

I've successfully added support for my *ist DS as explained in the tutorial. Thanks for that!

One problem: Although Preview.app can open *.pef files, I can't persuade the Finder to open them using Preview.app. That is, if I control-click and choose Open With/Other..., it won't let me pick Preview.app. Also, if I go into the Finder's Get Info dialog, I can't change the Open with: setting to Preview.app.

Finally, I can't get thumbnails in the Finder for *.pef files.

Any suggestions?

iangoldby said...

OK, I'm stupid. I can choose another application for opening .pef files by changing Enable: Recommended Applications to All Applications. In the Choose Application dialog. I didn't look hard enough...

Actually, that doesn't quite solve it. I can't get more than one application listed on the Open With list. If I change all, then I lose the previous setting completely.

(And I still haven't got Finder thumbnails.)

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