Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pentax DA 21mm Preview In Germany

Pentax SMC P-DA 21mm F3.2 Limited, just in time for the K100D.

For those of us eagerly anticipating the new DA lenses Pentax is going to be shipping this summer, there's good news in that the sample lenses are starting to make rounds and they're impressing the pants off people. Arnold Stark in Germany managed to test out the forthcoming Pentax DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited lens thanks to the people at Pentax in Hamburg.

In a German forum thread at Digitalfotonetz.de, Arnold compares some quick JPEGs he took with the lens and he seems genuinely pleased that the lens has almost no visible distortion, or vignetting with its unique custom lens hood. He describes the build of the lens as more similar to the FA 43mm Limited Edition than the DA 40mm Limited, and it's made of a very sturdy metal and with fine attention to detail. Compared to an old SMC-A 20mm, it sure is a tiny lens. And although the JPEG settings on the camera Arnold used seem to be less than optimal, the images show that the lens should have excellent sharpness and contrast.

This will be one of the first APS-C specific wide angle prime lenses that has ever been made so small and light, and it should be widely available by August.

Links: Digitalfotonetz.de Forum Thread, Pentax DA 21mm

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ShadZee said...

Yes indeed. I think the K100D+21L combo will be one great city/street photography kit.
I think this is the NEW "Leica rangefinder" ;-)

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