Thursday, June 01, 2006

Reuters: Pentax Will Be Putting More "Resources On High-Margin Digital SLR Models"

Reuters is reporting a discussion with Pentax's chief executive Fumio Urano that reveals an upcoming game plan to focus more energy on digital SLR sales and co-deveolpping cameras with Samsung.

By following up on the recent financial statements and a three-month high stock price, Reuters let's Urano bring up some interesting tidbits for Pentax's SLR division. First of all, Pentax is still discussing with Samsung a new deal of who would produce new SLR bodies (probably Samsung, to eliminate redundancy), but Pentax will definitely be making its own lenses. Reuters says "a jointly developed camera will not come until this autumn." This could be the upcoming 645D or the anticipated "K10D" 10MP camera. Pentax is also hoping for some good profits from the SLR division in the upcoming year: "Digital camera shipments should increase about 8 percent to 3.0 million units, with digital SLR units seen doubling from 120,000 last year."

Keeping in mind that digital cameras are not really Pentax's bread and butter, it's good to see some positive statements about their future in the SLR game coming from the top, and not from the sidelines (last week's faux pas).

Link and references: Reuters Article

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