Thursday, July 20, 2006

Canada's McBain Camera Stores: July Is Pentax Month - No Tax

While travelling in the western province of Alberta, Canada, I found that a cozy chain of camera stores in Edmonton called McBain Camera was having a special Pentax month. They offered no G.S.T.(in the province of Alberta, this 7% tax is the only sales tax) on all new Pentax cameras and lenses in their stores, including any pre-orders of the K100D before July 31st.

Alberta is home to the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in July.

Before seeing the Calgary Stampede, I visited a McBain's store in Edmonton and found them to be very friendly and sympathetic to the Pentax plight (I was told most shoppers come into the store with their mind already made up by Canon and Nikon's advertising and miss out trying a great alternative). They even had a big Pentax banner hanging up in the store to see as soon as you walk in the door. So, I finally got to try out a DL2, which isn't for sale in the U.S., and which was a surprisingly good, solid camera compared to my Pentax DS. I especially liked the new menu style and options which were updated from the DL. This little camera should be considered a collectible. The staff were quite knowledgeable and let me try out some lenses, too, such as the D-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro and the DA 12-24mm, as well as the AF 540 FGZ flash, and experiment with exposures as much as I liked. They had pretty much the entire current line up of Pentax gear and a reasonable selection of used lenses.

McBain have an online store and ship anywhere (with free shipping in Canada), but if you're in Canada, particularly in Edmonton, their main store on 107th Ave is a nice place to stop by for Pentax gear. Just thought I'd give them this shout out for supporting Pentax.

Link: McBain Camera

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