Sunday, July 02, 2006

Columnist Recommends Pentax K100D Over Canon and Nikon

Thanks to Mark for pointing out that there's a nice little syndicated Q and A, presently online at the Post-Gazette, that responds to a reader's question about whether the D50 or the Rebel XT is a better camera by recommending, out of left field, the Pentax K100D...

The article by Don Lindich, author of "Digital Photography Made Easy," states: "I believe the best digital SLR setup for consumers is going to be the new Pentax K100D, available in July with a Pentax 18-55 mm lens for $699. There are three reasons for this: my prior experience with Pentax in general and its digital SLRs in particular, the quality of its lenses and the Shake Reduction system built into the new body.

"Over the past year I have been testing a 6.1 MP Pentax ist DS with the 18-55 mm kit lens and have been very pleased with the feel of the camera and the beautiful images it produces. A criticism of the camera has been that its jpgs look softer than competitors; this is said to be much improved in the new K100D. (By the way, the DS and the K100D use the same sensor as the D50.)

"The Pentax 18-55 is the best of the kit lenses sold with digital SLRs, and unlike competitors it has a metal lens mount instead of a plastic one. The Pentax 50-200 lens was called the best of all telephoto kit lenses by Popular Photography magazine, producing results that rival expensive pro zoom lenses. It sells for less than $200.

"Finally, the K100D has a Shake Reduction system built into the sensor, rather than in specific lenses. This makes every lens you own a stabilized lens and helps ensure sharp pictures.

"Combining two fabulous lenses with a good camera body incorporating Shake Reduction, selling for a total of $900 street price. What a combination! I can't think of any other outfit that will be able to match the quality of the images this camera will produce for the money."

Link: Sound Advice: Pentax has good digital SLR setup for consumers

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