Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Link Digest For July 4th, 2006...

There are a few things that have been floating around and which I found interesting, but which are also peripherally related to Pentax. So, without further ado, here's a little digest of stuff...

Photo from Samsung, the new NV7 (click on the image to see the great fingerprint left by their marketing photographer right on the top of the camera.)

Samsung NV7 OPS: Samsung, Pentax's partner, has released an interesting new series of point-and-shoot cameras, with one model in particular that uses an optical image stabilization, or "Shake Reduction," similar to the K100D, and the more typical (but misleading to Pentax users) ASR, or "Advanced Shake Reduction," which is entirely electronic blur reduction. Image stabilization in P&S cameras is nothing new, but Pentax and Samsung have said that they would be co-developping cameras this year, and while this may or may not be that particular fruit (I don't know), I think it represents a new harmony between the DSLR and and P&S models. The Samsung NV7, with its Schneider-Kreuznach lens (remember, thanks to a special arrangement, Schneider re-badges Pentax SMC lenses to ship with Samsung DSLRs, so who knows who makes these optics), will be available in the fall for about $450 US.

iView + RawShooter: Last week, Adobe bought Pixmantec (for their RawShooter Raw developing engine) and Microsoft bought iView Multimedia (for their image cataloguing software). If you use either for your Pentax PEF Raw files, you probably knew this already, but if you're just following along with the home game, you'll notice that the size of the game board just got smaller (for better or worse). Mind you, Bibble wants you to know if you use RawShooter, they'll give you a $30 discount if you jump ship to their software.

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