Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Pentax K100D Site And New Pentax Rebates For *ist DL And Lenses

Thanks to Pochi for pointing out Pentax has launched a Japanese site just for the K100D: www.k100d.jp (and in English)

The new Pentax K100D site at www.k100d.jp

Also, seeing as the current Pentax lens rebate is ending July 6th and the remaining stock of *ist DL is soon to be competing on the shelves with the new K100D and K110D, Pentax announced a new rebate to inspire folks to jump on an *ist DL and pick up some lenses, until October.

From Pentax: "Buy an *istDL or any lens listed on the rebate coupon (click on link below) between July 1, 2006 and October 11, 2006 and you can cash in on rebates up to $100.00 per product."

Pentax is pretty good about their rebates, sending your check in about 6 weeks.

Links: New Pentax Rebates, Rebate Coupon PDF


Rezaf said...

Ok, this rebate is great. I just bought a *ist DL from an internet shop, for $466. After the $100 rebate it would be only $366! Oh I forgot to mention that I got it as a kit, ie. with the 18-55 lens.

$366 for a complete new DSLR system?! I'm a student and before turning my attention to Pentax about 3 days ago, I had been studying a Nikon D50. But the cheapest price I could find was around $560 for a refurbished set of body and 18-55 lens.

I did a lot of research in the past 3 days, and it seemed that the Pentax doesn't lack that much compared to Nikon, while it has strengths of its own.

I'm really excted now, and am waiting for my camera to arrive.

pochi said...

It seemed to have decided the sale in Japan on July 14.


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