Friday, July 07, 2006

OK1000 Goes To Canada

I'm going to be traveling to Canada and then I'll be on vacation for the next 10 days, until the 17th of July. I'll try to make at least a few updates between now and then, including some stuff about sensor cleaning, but nothing too major. So if the blog seems slow on the updates next week, that's why.

While I'm around up there, I'll be looking to see if I can get a first hand look at an *ist DL2 (that's a new review in the UK), which was never available in the US, and I'm going to keep my eyes open for sightings of the Pentax K100D, which should be retailing as early as next week.

And maybe while I'm on the road, I'll rack my brain around the fact that an *ist DL can be had for under $350, new, thanks to the new rebates (not valid at Walmart... whatever). Can you believe this? Frankly, it's the most underrated camera from the last year; it's not that soft. In fact, shooting Raw, using linear tone curves, and using an app like SilkyPix for sharpening Raw (available in a free version, comparable to the updated Pentax Lab software v.3.0), it can outshine the Rebel XT and D50 in noise reduction and detail. In fact, despite that some people think it needs a bigger buffer like a pro camera and faster auto focus, it's still really fast, and the cost of great lenses from Pentax are much less compared to similar offerings at Canon and Nikon. The DA 50-200mm ED AL is such a nice lens for $200. I think Pentax glass around $400 is often sharper than mid-range offerings from competitors at about $800. So doesn't the quality and the total lifetime cost for accessories make this something outstanding for under $400 US? Besides, the DL is so much like the upcoming K110D, people should be gobbling this camera up everywhere right now. If they only hear about it... (whoops, I'll end my rant now).

Links: *ist DL at Tristate Camera, Pentax *ist DL Rebate, Trusted Reviews on the *ist DL2 (better late than never)

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Florian said...

Hi - think so too! I absolutely love my *ist DL... I looked at all the competitors but liked the feeling of the DL most... And you're right - the optics are marvelous and a bargain compared to the competitors :-)

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