Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pentax K100D: Recommended By Japanese Hands-On Report At DC Watch Impress

Kazuhisa Nishikawa testing the K100D. This photo and below images are copyright 2006 by DC Watch Impress.

Kazuhisa Nishikawa at DC.Watch.Impress, a Japanese site, has been using the K100D for about a week before it first went on sale in Japan on July 14th, and since then he's been writing up reviews of his use of the camera. Suffice to say he's very impressed, but his analysis is interesting as one of the first personalized reviews. After his first week with the camera, he accomplished a detailed comparision with the *ist DS2, and the K100D is shown to have indeed addressed any prior issues people may have had with sharpness and contrast.

Link: *ist DS2 In-Camera Vivid Mode JPEG Test Chart, 2.3MB

Link: K100D In-Camera Vivid Mode JPEG Test Chart, 2.3MB

Kazuhisa photographed a test chart and various colorful scenes (here), much like Steve's Digicams and DP Review does, and let the photos from the DS2 and the K100D speak for themselves. While I think I would like to have access to the original files and see a bit more documentation of his process (particularly to see what settings he used), the test chart photos do show remarkable improvement with the in-camera processing. He has various examples processed as in-camera JPG and from RAW with the new Pentax Photo Lab software (with SILKYPIX's engine), as well as comparisons of the Vivid and Natural finishing modes. Because the K100D's RAW file format is not yet supported with major software, Kazuhisa is converting the files to Adobe .DNG files with the Pentax Lab Software 3.0 and feels that this is going to be the best way in the interim.

Additionally, he's sharing images from the K100D that he's done each week at various model photo shoots. The images Kazuhisa is taking of models each week are pin-up type photos (work safe), and he's extremely pleased with the efficiency of the Shake Reduction in various scenarios. He's also lucky enough to be using various Pentax Limited and new DA wide-angle lenses. His results are eye candy.

I've collected all of the links so far and set them up to be translated with BabelFish for your convenience to browse through: 1st Week of Use, First Day of Sale, 2nd Week Tests, 2nd Week of Use, 3rd Week of Use

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to suggest I post about Kazuhisa's informal review.

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