Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pentax Photo Lab Software 3.0 Will Be A Free Upgrade For *ist DSLR Owners

Pentax Japan has announced that Pentax Photo Laboratory Software 3.0, the version now shipping on CD for PC and Mac with the new K100D and K110D this summer, will be available as a free update for users of prior versions as of August 8th, 2006.

For example, version 2.1 shipped on CD with the *ist series in 2005 through 2006 and similar owners of any *ist digital camera with an older version of the Photo Lab software will be able to upgrade to the new Photo Lab 3.0 software for free. Translated from the Japanese, the announcement from Pentax Japan reads:

"The photo library browser and RAW photo development software which comes with the DSLR *ist D series (Pentax Photo Browser and Pentax Photo Laboratory) is now at version 3. The upgrade to the Photo Laboratory and Browser 3 will be done for the described users below on the following date for free:

Date: August 8, 2006
Users: *ist D series users

Thanks to this, *ist D series users will be able to use the latest Pentax Photo Laboratory version 3.0 which is shipping with the new K100D series."

An English announcement simply states that Pentax is preparing the software updater for release. While it is not known what registration information might be needed to download the upgrade, if any, or if a prior version of Pentax Laboratory needs to have been installed on the user's system in advance, it's very likely that the new software will be popular with *ist D series users who hear about it.

This follows Pentax's previous free firmware upgrades for *ist D and *ist DS users which improved the functionality of those cameras last year. The benefits of the 3.0 software are that the new SILKYPIX rendering engine will allow any *ist D series RAW files to be processed with greater finesse (SILKYPIX is reknown for its sharpening and tonality rendering) and the use the latest browsing software should improve the user experience for owners of older cameras who are still using their original CD versions. Also, the new software allows for the conversion of .PEF files (Pentax's unique RAW format) to be converted to Adobe's open standard .DNG (Digital Negative RAW), which is more universally accepted by third-party software. You can read more in the new manual here.

As soon as the official upgrade is announced, I'll post a link to it on this site. Thanks to Pochi for the tip!

Links: Pentax Japan Upgrade Announcement (Japanese), English Translation, English announcement


Florian said...

Glad to read that, although I hope PPL 3.0 will be nearly as fast as Silkypix, since working with 2.1 is absolutely no fun at all... Hope they improved the overall concept of the SW.

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