Monday, August 07, 2006

10MP Pentax DSLR Announcement In September?

Photo copyright 2006, Pentax Corporation.

The Pentax Mailing List, PDML, has been abuzz the last few days on the unsubstantiated rumour that Pentax may be making an announcement about its forthcoming 10MP DSLR, the*ist D successor, on Sept. 15th.

Well, I can say that I've heard Pentax should officially be announcing their Pro 10MP DSLR (the new top of their product matrix) probably as early as the evening of September 13th. That's a Wednesday. If you followed the Apple Keynote today, you're probably the type who may wish to mark your calendar to check this site for the new details in about 5 weeks, say at about 6PM EST... However, this date may be subject to change... (wink wink).

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