Monday, August 28, 2006 Reviews the K100D: Positive

Digital Camera Review, despite getting a few minor details wrong about the specs of the camera (re: APS-C sensor), has posted their review of the Pentax K100D. Essentially, they underscore that the K100D is a consumer-level camera, but that it does its job really well. Well enough, in fact, to be recommended as a new standard camera for basic photography lessons.

From DC Review: "Serious amateur shooters may have a few issues, but family snap-shooters, P&S digicam users just making the jump to a dSLR, student photographers, casual shutterbugs, and old timers with a collection of Pentax glass will appreciate the K100D's reasonable price, robust construction, operational simplicity, use of available anywhere AA batteries, image stabilization, and solid performance. Institutions that teach basic photography should very seriously consider the K100D since no currently available dSLR offers a better balance of features and capabilities and compatibility with thousands of KAF, KA, K, S (M42), and Pentax Medium Format optics. The K100D may actually be a more practical and useful imaging tool than its illustrious predecessor. Shooters who don't need image stabilization can opt for the Pentax K110D (which is identical to the K100D -- minus IS) and save a hundred bucks."

The best parts of the review dip into the really good color fidelity (although they did not use any of the DA lenses Pentax offers in a kit with the K100D). The low points are when they berate the AF a bit for causing some shutter lag in difficult AF scenarios. But, again, the best news is that this is another site commending the K100D as a worthy successor to the legacy of the 35 year-old Pentax K1000.

Link: K100D at DC Review

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