Monday, August 28, 2006 Speculates On Rumors Of Power Zoom Lens Support In Future Pentax DSLRs

I'm not going to foray too far into the rumor zone, because it's usually hard to substantiate, but has posted some interesting photo comparisons of the Pentax MZ-S, the *ist DL, and the K100D which seem to indicate something or other regarding power zoom contacts (see here, "Current contacts in the K10D-Bajonett?"

The gist is that the MZ-S (circa. 2001) had 2 additional KAF contacts for power zoom lenses (see picture above left), but later DSLR cameras, such as the *ist DL (circa. 2005), had them completely erased from the lens mount. However, now, the K100D (2006) has the vestige of something that could be for a return of power zoom contacts, but the contacts themselves are replaced with plastic. What does it all mean? Well, nothing really. The K100D is an entry-level DSLR and the MZ-S was a flagship professional SLR. But it's food for thought about what goes through the minds of camera designers and it hints at what might show up in future cameras.

Photo copyright 2001, Steve's Digicams (here).

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