Monday, August 28, 2006

E-Fotografija Review of the K100D: "A Mercedes for the price of a Skoda"

One of the most in-depth European reviews of the Pentax K100D to date has just been posted up in English at E-Fotografija, and Matjaz really sings some great praises for the camera.

From his review: "The Pentax K100D is very suitable to all users of Pentax 35 mm and medium format cameras. It is also suitable for all those who are only entering the DSLR world and want to get an inexpensive camera that is chock-full of features for the advanced user. And finally, I personally consider Pentax DSLRs to offer some of the best, if not the best handling and usability."

"No camera company, no matter how much you like it, will give you a Mercedes for the price of a Skoda, to use a car analogy. This is just impossible with entry level cameras. It is this fact that makes the Pentax K100D that much more valuable. It has everything the competition has, and more in some cases, even though the competition may have more alluring brand names for those who are buying their first (D)SLR camera and know little of how these cameras function. All this at a considerably lower price."

I'm also glad to see this is another review which points out that the quality of Pentax SMC lenses, compared to Nikon and Canon, makes the K100D an excellent investment: "The camera is priced very competitively, with the kit bundle costing around 700 EUR, while the double lens kit, which also includes the 50-200 mm lens costs around 850 EUR. This is less than one would pay for another manufacturer’s camera with only one lens and no image stabilisation.

The rest of the review is heavy on the standard revisiting of features and technology inside the camera, but E-Fotografija take the camera through some typical paces in their gallery, and the photograph examples taken inside a low-lit theatre are nothing short of astonishing for handheld shots (with Shake-Reduction).

Thanks to T.O.P. for the heads-up on this! The above photo is copyright 2006, E-Fotografija.

Link: E-Fotografija Review of the K100D

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Anonymous said...

Great article... I already purchased the K100D and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. However, the article gave some really good shot comparisons, reinforcing my decision to stick with Pentax in the digital domain. Cheers!

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