Monday, August 21, 2006

Iridient's Raw Developer Updated to 1.5.2 with K100D Support

The popular Raw processing software for Mac OS X, Iridient's Raw Developer, was recently updated to include new profiles for the latest Pentax DSLRs, the K100D, K110D, *ist DS2 and *ist DL2, as well as a number of bug fixes. Proper default White Balance values are now also included for all Pentax cameras, as well as improved TIFF and Photoshop export.

Raw Processor, based on DC Raw, has demosaicing features that can result in a more film-like grain quality, and a specialized workflow for monochrome conversions that are pretty unique. It even compares favorably to Capture One, according to a review at Digital Outback. It's available as a free demo and retails for $99.95 USD.

Links: Raw Developer, review at Digital Outback

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