Wednesday, August 16, 2006

K100D Popularity Japan: Stores Have Back Orders

According to Izumi Taniguchi's website, the Bisha-Kasha Blog, The Pentax K100D is actually so popular in Japan right now, Pentax has to keep production running 24hrs a day and is still facing a waiting list of over a week for some back order deliveries.

Taniguchi says that after speaking with a Pentax Sales Support Manager, it seems Pentax is running at full steam to supply the camera that is more popular than they first anticipated. His contact also speculates that the high demand is likely due to the low price and the success of their Anti-Shake mechanism that competes favorably against new cameras, such as the more expensive Sony Alpha, and pricey lenses with vibration reduction from Canon and Nikon. This is especially important given the attitude of point-and-shoot customers moving up to an entry level DSLR who expect a camera to have this feature.

Although I can't substantiate much of what is said in Taniguchi's blog because Pentax hasn't made a public statement regarding K100D sales in Japan, it stands to reason that it's entirely true.

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