Saturday, August 05, 2006

K100D Review at ePhotozine

Last week, ePhotozine posted a positive review of the Pentax K100D on their website. Among their delights with the camera are the overall image quality (sharpness and detail), noise reduction through to ASA 1600 (which they compared to the exceptional DS2/Samsung GX-1S, and the K100D was easily much better at noise reduction), and the wide assortment of older k-mount lenses still available that work with this camera.

"Verdict: If you're looking for your first digital SLR, the Pentax K100D is well worth a look. The Shake Reduction, easy controls, SD card compatibility, and lightweight design make this camera ideal for those looking for a step up from a compact digicam. Photographers who travel will also appreciate these features, as well as the ability to use AA batteries. Existing Pentax SLR owners may also wish to upgrade, whether it is from a film or earlier digital SLR."

There is not much said about the Shake Reduction, and oddly, they come down a bit negatively on the sturdiness of the battery door, which I think isn't quite a fair assessment, as I've not seen that problem before, but they documented the misalignment that occured when they rushed to change batteries. I couldn't get that to happen, myself. They also flagged the image buffer, as many do, for not being robust like the competitors, and it took them a bit of practice to get used to using continuous AF and the 11 focus point system. But having said all that, they feel the camera was a real competitor.

Link: K100D ePhotozine Review

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