Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mike Johnston: "That Pentax Experience"

Mike Johnston, also known as The Online Photographer, is going to be evaluating the K100D very soon. I gather that Pentax sent him out a K100D to play with and he's liked what he saw. Mike is pretty famous in Pentax circles for his glowing review of the *ist DS and for professing the sharpness of Pentax glass, particularly the 50mm F1.4. In his Friday post, That Pentax Experience, he hints at what he'll be saying about the K100D:

"To me it seems aptly named—it's as close to a spiritual heir to the famous K-1000 as a DSLR can be."
- Mike Johnston

In all seriousness, this is one reviewer that I'm really looking forward to reading what he has to say. Mike has a very down to earth earnestness about the user experience that many gearhead reviews lack, and he also has a wonderful sense of the joy of photographing that comes from loving the medium more than the technology.

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