Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pentax Japan Lists K100D Firmware Update 1.01 For SDHC Card Support

Pentax Japan has posted firmware update 1.01 for the K100D camera (available for Mac and PC). Importantly, it will give the K100D the ability to use the new SDHC SD cards that offer larger memory capacity than regular SD cards. Also, the K100D's feature of user inputed focal length for Shake Reduction (important for M42 lenses) will now be acknowledged in Photo Lab 3. This update is not for other models.

It looks like the firmware update will be available internationally very soon. It's not yet listed at Pentax USA. I recommend that owners of the K100D wait until their respective region's Pentax website carries the firmware download before they install it, to avoid any support issues that may arise.

From the description: The following function added to the Version 1.01: Support for SDHC Memory cards; The focal length which is input on the [Shake Reduction] menu can be displayed with Pentax Photo Browser3."

The SDHC cards (Secure Digital High Capacity or SD 2.0, and which can potentially reach 32GB of storage) presently cannot be read with typical SD card readers (you'll need a new SDHC compliant reader for your PC), although the new format is being sold by Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk, who are starting to ship cards this summer.

Link: Pentax.jp Firmware Update Page

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