Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pentax Q1 2006 Report Shows Profit In Camera Division

Some good news from Japan last week: Pentax Japan's quarterly report to shareholders on July 27th said that the Imaging System Division (digital cameras, film cameras, medium-format cameras, interchangeable lens, binoculars, and astronomical telescopes) experienced positive momentum after some expensive in-house cost trimming last year. This year, so far, there has been profit of about 300 million yen in their consumer camera and lens business. Hopefully, this will be interpreted positively amongst the shareholders and analysts who seemed bemused by Pentax's continued application of resources towards digital camera technology in a very competitive market.

"With respect to the Imaging System Business, the sales of digital single-lens reflex cameras showed a steady growth in the European and North American markets, and the sales of compact digital cameras also increased mainly in the European market. As a result, the net sales of the Imaging System Business as a whole amounted to 1,741 million yen (4.5% increase from the comparable term in the previous year). The operating income drastically increased to 300 million yen (compared with a 1,075 million operating loss of the comparable term in the previous year) because of increased sales and decreased cost."

Links: Pentax Japan, Pentax Japan Quaterly Report Announcement, downloadable PDF report (120KB)

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