Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pentax USA Website Now Has Pentax Photo Lab v.3 Update and K100D Firmware 1.01*

Following the Japanese Pentax site earlier in the day, Pentax USA has now got the Pentax Photo Laboratory v.3 free upgrade installer, the K100D firmware update 1.01 and the previously available PPL v.3 lens update for download.

Links: Pentax USA, Lens Update For PPL v.3, PPL v.3 Upgrade Download (for *ist D, but also available for all *ist DSLR cameras), K100D firmware update 1.01

Previously: Pentax Japan Releases Pentax Photo Lab Software 3.0 Upgrade, Pentax DA 21mm Lens Update For Pentax Photo Browser Software

* Updated to include K100D firmware 1.01 link


Karl Geiger said...

Well the function is there (noise reduction, fringe correction, color aberration correction etc). However, at least on the Mac, the thing is ugly as sin.

Take a look at the preferences dialog - why put writing in three or four different font sizes in there?

Good idea to use the engine, now polish the product so that it becomes fun to use it. Otherwise that was a comparatively futile exercise imho.

OK-1K said...

The software designers responsible for the user interface in Photo Lab are following someone's decision to not concentrate on developping a stellar user interface, or perhaps that person has a peculiar UI taste that's not very clean and intuitive. It's usable, but I agree that it needs a lot more visual polish and economy of screen space (consolidating options into a main palette for fewer floating windows).

I think it's worth trying to improve the software with good natured feedback, so maybe offering any suggestions to Pentax is a good idea.

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