Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Australian Pentax Spokesman Dies

The Online Photographer notes the passing of Steve Irwin this weekend, the famous "Crocodile Hunter," and mentions that he was once a Pentax spokesman in Australia.

From T.O.P.: ""Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, a sometime spokesman for Pentax cameras, died doing what he loved. He was snorkeling off the coast of Queensland, filming a special ironically entitled "Ocean's Deadliest," when a stingray drove its barbed tail into his heart. Irwin was well known for his risk-taking behavior around dangerous animals, especially crocodiles."

"Pentax launched a TV campaign featuring Irwin in November of 1999. He was 44."

I wasn't aware that he was affiliated with Pentax in the time that I've been following the brand, but it's sad all the same to see a public figure, familiar to many families around the world, pass away so suddenly.

Links: The Online Photographer, Steve Irwin Dead at 44

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