Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DP Review Exclusive Preview of the Pentax K10D

Phil Askey at DP Review has been playing with a K10D for little while and has written up an exclusive first hand look "preview" of the upcoming K10D. If you're looking for a list of all the specs of this camera with a full slew of color illustrations supplied by Pentax, this is your one stop you have to make. His article has a great breakdown of what he call the top 20 new features, with illustrations that show the new menu designs and how good they look on the K10D's 2.5" LCD screen. Granted that Phil has been holding back a review of the Pentax K100D, his interest in the K10D is a big show of support for the new design.

DP Review shows off one of the cooler new features of the K10D: in-camera RAW developing. Photo copyright 2006.

Here we see the new green illumination for status indicators. Photo copyright 2006.

From his preview: "It's bigger, tougher and more feature rich than any Pentax digital SLR before it and it certainly carries a wide enough range of features to worry the 'big name' brands. "

I'm hoping his full review comes out soon. Phil knows how to play hard with a camera and it looks like he'll have a lot of supportive things to say about the new flagship Pentax.

Link: DP Review Pentax K10D Preview

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