Thursday, September 14, 2006

The K10D News Roundup

(Updated at 5.10pm EST) Well, the K10D has made a huge splash and lots of people have picked up on the press release and started chiming in their views on the camera. Here's a roundup of places (with links) that are talking about the new Pentax K10D.

"In a major move for Pentax, the company has announced its first high-end digital SLR, a compact but high-quality camera suitable for serious amateurs, art photographers, semi-pros, and professionals. The new camera competes with the Sony Alpha 100, Canon XTi and 30D, and Nikon D80 and D200. It's called the K10 "D."" - The Online Photographer calls the K10D "Little Giant Killer"

"The features of the just-announced 10 megapixel Pentax K10D ($899 estimated street, body only) are sure to amaze Pentax lovers, and the photo world in general. Since abandoning the *ist nomenclature on its DLSRs, Pentax has slowly but surely built more features and functions into the K line of DSLRs around the 6 megapixel range, building a line of safe cameras at a nice pricepoint, but no one, not even us here at, were expecting such a monumental upgrade between the current K line and the new K10D. [...] In a year where the challenge seems to be to make the best camera in the sub-$1,000 class, Pentax may have seriously raised the bar with the K10D." - Editors at Pop Photo Look at the K10D

Gary Wolstenholme at ePhotozine, like Phil Askey, has been lucky enough to have closely examined the pre-production K10D and he gives it a quick look over to see what's cooking with this the new camera. The photo at the right, (copyright ePhotozine 2006), shows Gary holding the K10D with the Pentax DA 40mm Limited lens. "Pentax have certainly kept their loyal customers waiting for their new flagship model, but with all the extra features included in the K10D it seems it may have been worth that wait." - ePhotozine Pentax K10D - Hands on preview review

"The K10D, has a generous 10.2 Megapixel sensor, 2.5-inch LCD, and vibrating CCD dust removal system. If that sounds like a familiar set of stats to you, well, you're being reminded of Canon's brilliant, affordable, Digital Rebel XTi that comes out later this month. The K10D has a few other things that put it ahead of the Canon, though. Most notably, its image stabilization system that shifts the CCD in X, Y, and rotational directions, neutralizing your voyeuristic jitters, even without dedicated lenses." - Gizmodo on the K10D

"Quick summary: wow!" (My translation from German) - on the K10D

"We've seen plenty of weather-proof compact shooters, but Pentax is going the extra mile with their new K10D DSLR, stuffing in 72 seals for resistance to water and dust. Pentax also has a snazzy new proprietary Shake Reduction system that doesn't require specialized anti-shake lenses, and claims to offer a 2.5 to 4 stop advantage for shots" - Engadget on the K10D

"Continuing the K-series naming schema that was launched with the K100D and K110D models last May (and harkens back to the company's famed K1000 film SLR), the Pentax K10D is based around an APS-C sized CCD imager with an effective resolution of 10.2 megapixels, a 22-bit A/D converter (output is 8-bit JPEG or 12-bit RAW), and a new processing engine dubbed "PRIME" (Pentax Real IMage Engine). This is coupled with a Pentax KAF lens mount compatible with K-, KA-, KAF- and KAF2-mount lenses, as well as screw-mount / 645-system / 67-system lenses (all with the use of an adapter); Pentax also notes that the camera body is designed to be compatible with new "supersonic motor-driven" AF lenses which are currently in development." - Imaging Resource on the K10D

"Congratulations to Pentax for supporting the DNG raw format in their new mid-range K10D DSLR. Now if only Canon and Nikon would wake up and smell the coffee, and do the same, the industry would be the better for it. Pentax is also to be commended for recognizing that ISO is a third variable in digital cameras. The K10D allows you to set a high and a low ISO point, and then the camera can vary this the way that it varies aperture and shutter speed. I asked for this capability in an essay here four years ago. Pentax is the first company to respond. Well done Pentax." - Luminous Landscape Sept. 13th News

Another site which got a preview of the K10D was DPNow. Ian Burley (holding the K10D, pictured left, copyright 2006 by was impressed with camera overall, but showed his Nikonian colors all the same and ultimately overestimates the price of the K10D based on its features: "If you compare the K10D with, for example, the Nikon D80 or the Canon EOS-400D, they are even on sensor resolution and shooting rate – though the K10D can sustain continuous shooting faster for longer, but the K10D has a sealed body and a metal frame compared to the others' unsealed body and plastic construction. [...] At the time of writing, we don't know the price the K10D, though I did bring a Nikon D200 to the launch event and Pentax personnel were very interested to know how I felt the K10D compared with the D200. Both have that solid feel and benefit from a top-plate LCD status display, something that is getting ever more rare. [...] Based on that simple comparison, I'd expect the K10D to fall between the prices of the Nikon D80 and the D200." - DPNow Previews the K10D

"PENTAX Imaging Company announced today the K10D digital SLR camera with 10.2 effective megapixels and a host of advanced technologies including a Shake Reduction (SR) system system that effectively offers a 2.5 to 4 stop advantage for sharp, blur-free images, Pentax Real IMage Engine (PRIME) to produce well-balanced, true-to-life images, Dust Removal (DR) system incorporating Special Protect (SP) coating to help keep the CCD surface dust-free, a shift mechanism to shake dust off the CCD and a weather-resistant body." - Steve's Digicams turns the whole press release into one quick and trim paragraph

I'll add more as they come out before the camera ships. For DP Review's incredible first look at the K10D, see this post.


Florian said...

I really do hope that Pentax now regains the marketshare they deserve. The *istDS/DL and K1x(x)D cameras are very well designed cams and I think it should put Pentax at a well deserved third place behind CaNikon - if not even further up... :-)

plantagoo said...

WOW were the exact words I used on my blog. Best wishes for Pentax, their marketshare and their customers.

Pre-ordered mine today...

Greetings from Germany

Richard said...

Hi Michael,
Found your blog via the Dpreview post.
Thanks for the round-up, appreciate the effort!

Best regards from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

The Pentax K10D are gonna ROCK!
Pre-ordered mine, can`t wait

Best wishes from Norway

Anonymous said...

Just pre-ordered mine too :)

Greetings from Canada.

Anonymous said...

I got a K10D yesterday (25 Nov) when, to my great surprise, a local store had several in stock and I was able to compare it to the K100D side-by-side. I moved up from the *ist DL and the K10 is a big step up. The K10 has a substantial feel to it, and while it does not have all the exposure and scene modes of the K100, it will do pretty much anything you want. I really like the digital preview feature (which is found on both models). Now I wish Apple would add K10 RAW support so I can use Aperture again.

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