Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pentax 645D To Be 30MP Medium Format

Alongside the new DA "star" lenses, Pentax is showing the latest protoype pre-production 645D at Photokina in Germany this week. What's new since the last look? Pentax is now talking about how the CCD will likely be upgraded to 30MP before its final release.

Click this photo for a larger image.

From Pentax: "PENTAX 645 Digital (tentative name) Product information & marketing schedule: 18 effective megapixels; PENTAX 645AF mount; Compatibility with existing smc PENTAX 645-series lenses; Marketing schedule to be announced later. Other information: This product will be continuously upgraded by incorporating newly developed image sensors, with its final effective megapixels expected to reach a 30-megapixel level."

So, this is a pretty invigourating bit of news. The DSLR team at Pentax seems to increasing their momentum and building confidence with each new release, and the upcoming 645D should have proof in the pudding. 30MP is more than enough to let advanced amateurs still scanning medium format negatives make an acceptable shift to all digital. Just think if David Hemmings had had one in Antonioni's Blow Up.

Link: Pentax News Release

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