Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pentax at Photokina 2006

Well, it's been a few days of Photokina in Germany, and while Pentax made all of it's big announcements weeks before the show even opened, their booth was a neat little visual feast of DSLR technology. Not only were the prototype K10D and 645D on display along with the new lenses (DA* and Limiteds), but there was a sample of a camera Pentax designed years ago (c. 1997, yet never released): a K-mount digital CCD camera with with no mirror assembly, just live preview on the LCD.

From DP Review, copyright 2006.

DP Review has plenty more photos. They also make a comment about how the 645D doesn't look any closer to production than it did at PMA, but I beg to differ. The camera's painted markings are now much more fleshed out, and the design cues all seem to be in place in a similar fashion to the K10D. I think it's a lot closer than they believe.

Link: DP Review's Pentax at Photokina Page

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