Monday, September 25, 2006

Pentax K10D On YouTube

I just got this great link emailed to me that you must see if you're at all interested in the upcoming Pentax K10D. John Carlson, Pentax USA's Product Manager, helped produce a little 3 minute video about the features of the K10D and he posted it on YouTube, so that you can forward the video around to anyone else who might be interested in the K10D. Pentax is making blogging about this camera easy, I'd say.

John on Shake Reduction: "This system has over 30 patents on it and the great thing about it is that it'll work with any Pentax lens ever produced."

I have to say I'm impressed that they're trying new ways to attract people to try out this camera, and that they're confindent enough in the K10D to play with it next to running water (yes, those are Colorado rapids in the background, and yes, John isn't at all nervous).

Link: John Carlson K10D Video at YouTube


quirkyalone said...

Thank you for the video.

I'd like to ask a question. In the official spec, I see that this camera produces images with 3872x2592 pixels, which means that the ratio is 1.5:1. Until now, I am used to 1.333:1. Will this different ratio affect my style of shooting, like when I think about the composition, etc. Thank you for your opinion.

OK-1K said...

See this image here.

Yes, it's going to mean that you'll have a more panoramic view to crop from. The K10D resolution is almost identical to the ratio of a 4x6 print, just like that of 35mm film, so you can see why they chose that 1:1.5 ratio. Essentially it will change your compositional style a little bit. The viewfinder will show you a wider image and consequently you'll need to choose how to balance your subject either in that format or anticipating cropping. You can change out the focusing screen for one with a full grid system, etc, and you might find that helpful when they come out.

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