Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pentax Power Zooms Announced, The DA "Star" Line Up

DP Review let it out of the bag before I even knew Pentax had released new info for Photokina 2006, that Pentax Japan has posted pics of their new power zoom line-up that will compliment the K10D. Get ready for the DA* lenses! (Yes, the asterisk is back!)

There's a 16-50mm F2.8, a 50-135mm F2.8, and a 60-250mm F4 (huge surpise!), which all have internal focusing, ED glass, SMC coating, and, yes, Virgina, power zoom. That's a KAF2 lens mount. They don't seem to be Quick Shift lenses, nor do they look pocket friendly like DA Limited pancakes. But as I mentioned earlier when the DA 70mm Limited was announced, the latest lens roadmap specified such lenses would be rolling out of bed pretty soon, so it's no suprise Pentax now has some new advanced lenses. Look at the new styling! The new focal range! 250mm, gold rings, snazzy! Now, this is just a preview to whet everyone's appetite. They're not yet priced or assigned a release window, but start saving up if they've caught your eye, because they'll be worth it.

Link: DP Review News, Pentax News Release

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