Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pictures of K10D and K100D Side-By-Side

Some more pictures of the K10D have popped up, including shots of the K10D with its battery grip compared to the EOS 1D-MkII with its battery grip. Ned Bunnell has posted some pictures of the K10D sitting right next to the K100D, and the size difference is noticible, but not too bad. Looking at all his photos, you can see the K10D is almost half an inch taller and wider, but acceptably so.

Ned says: "Yes, the K10D body is approximately 3/8" wider and 3/8" taller than the K100D. However, most people who have held it will likely comment that it has a compact yet solid feel to it. And, even with the battery grip it still feels lighter and more manageable than other high-end slrs I have owned."

K100D on the left, K10D on the right. Photo copyright 2006 by Ned Bunnell.

Link: Ned Bunnell's notes on size of K10D

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