Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pop Photo Podcast Interviews Pentax About K10D

As Pentax tours the new K10D around New York City this week, they had time today to stop by Popular Photography and answer some questions about the new camera.

From "John Carlson, Product Manager, Imaging Systems, Pentax Imaging Company, talked in great detail about many of the interesting features of the just-announced Pentax K10D 10MP DSLR with Pop's Jack Howard. In the podcast interview, Carlson goes into detail about the how and why of 22-bit processing, the 3 frames per second to card capacity burst rate, the weather-toughness of the K10D, why the K10D does not have a built-in PC socket (hint: weather-proofing), and much more."

I just met John today for the first time today, myself; he's a terrific fellow and very well spoken, so I think you'll find the interview quite easy to listen to and very informative. John breaks down the technology in far greater detail and with more clarity than most people could ever muster, especially when he gets talking about the 22-bit AD conversion process, how the dust reduction works in three ways, and the usefulness of the ISO priority mode. It's also pretty neat to hear Jack Howard, the interviewer, lose his radio voice demeanor about halfway through and become obviously very interested in how cool the camera's features sound. It's in podcast MP3 format here, clocks in at about 10 mins, and is a 7.5MB download.

Links: Popphoto Sept. 20th Podcast and article, Direct link to MP3 file

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