Thursday, September 21, 2006

Samsung's GX-10

And, oh yeah, one more thing... Samsung is also putting out a K10D rebadge. Suffice to say that it's got all the same features but with some "different" aesthetic touches to the body (the shape of buttons, fonts, etc). I'm not sure it deserves it's own post yet. Personally, I think Samsung could probably differentiate their camera in a few new ways besides erasing Pentax from the branding and using the color blue more liberally. Like maybe a Hello Kitty model (Bad Badtz Maru?), or a built-in mp3 player with FM tuner, or better yet they could make the shell entirely out of bocconcini mozzarella, because it's really catching on in supermarkets lately. Wait, none of those would really be weather resistant... I don't mind Samsung rebadging a Pentax camera, but I can't understand why they insist on tweaking the design with those Nikon styled buttons and grandma-camera style labels. I'm very confused by their attitude towards Pentax's DSLRs.

Link: Samsung GX-10 at DP Review

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