Thursday, September 07, 2006

SDHC Firmware Update for all Pentax *ist DS and DL Cameras

According to DP Review today, Pentax has new firmware updates that allow the *ist DS, DS2, DL, and DL2 cameras to accept and format the new SDHC Secure Digital cards. SDHC allows for higher capacity storage above 4GB, and the Pentax K100D was the first Pentax DSLR camera this summer to acquire SDHC abilities with a firmware update. Now it's good news for Pentax owners with older DSLRs who want to use the new memory format.

For example, the latest firmware version for the *ist DS is now 2.01, which Pentax specifies on their website with "CHANGES Version 2.01: Support for SDHC memory cards."

See below for all the links to the right download pages in North America.

Links: *ist DS firmware 2.01, *ist DS2 firmware 1.01, *ist DL firmware 1.02, *ist DL2 firmware 1.01, DP Review News Update

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