Monday, September 11, 2006

Shutterbug Looks at Samsung's GX-1S (the *ist DS2)

Shutterbug has rolled out a tidy little article on Samsung's GX-1S, aka the Pentax *ist DS2. Reviewer Joe Farace gives a straightforward accounting of how the camera operates for users who might be stepping up from a point and shoot camera, but he also points out the popular logic that the K-mount lens inventory around the world makes this camera pretty appealing.

From the review: "Compatibility with the K-mount gives access to a wide, wide world of lenses from many sources. That means you can buy a Pentax K-mount lens on eBay for $50 and it will work with the Samsung SLR. That’s a great way for a student or young person just getting involved in digital photography to grow a lens system without breaking their piggy bank. When combined with impressive image quality from 6 megapixels, the Samsung GX-1S makes a great introduction to digital SLR photography."

Well, in that sense, the review is fairly typical, albeit somewhat optimistic considering that Pentax has already ramped up their consumer DSLR line to include Shake Reduction in the new K100D which retails at the same price ($699). But there was one new nugget of information that Joe passes along based on his experience: Samsung didn't seem to include Pentax's Lab software for reading .PEF Raw files in a Mac OS version with his purchased camera. Windows PC version? Check. Mac? Nope. If this is true, then it's a bit of an oversight that ought to be remedied with a free download for other people in the same boat, somehow. But right now, Pentax's Lab 3.0 updater at least requires a previously installed version, and only Pentax owners can take advantage of the free Pentax Lab software updates for all platforms.

Link: Shutterbug on Samsung GX-1S

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