Friday, October 06, 2006

Ctein Reviews Pentax 67 300mm F4 ED Lens

At The Online Photographer, Ctein has dropped another splendid little capsule review of the Pentax 67 lenses, this time the 300mm F4 lenses, both old and new. The newer version, he says, has much better reduction of chromatic aberration than the 35 year-old original, especially for macro shots. Ctein has been using the medium format Pentax 67 system for years for his fantastic nature photos that look particularly stunning in large prints.

Screenshot of T.O.P., 2006.

From his post: "Close focusing was indispensable on my last trip to Hawaii. I was able to photograph molten lava from safe distances but close enough to fill frames with exactly the compositions I wanted. There is no way I could have photographed the lead ilustration above [see the full article for this picture] with my older 300mm lens. I was less than 4 meters from the lava (and, yes, it was very hot, thank you for asking), much closer than I could've gotten with the old 300mm."

Link: Pentax 67 300mm* ƒ/4 ED(IF) Lens Review

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