Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Reports On Pentax Seminar In Japan

Last weekend, Pentax had their first big Japanese open house seminar to show the Pentax K10D camera and see the new DA* lenses that will be available soon. had a reporter in attendance and they've got a great little group of photos up that let's those who weren't able to attend get an idea of some of the things Pentax prepared for the crowd.

Photo from, copyright 2006.

Not only were people allowed hands on time with the K10D to photograph a model (yes, a bikini model indoors in October, it must be a Japanese thing), they got to hear more about the features of the camera and its development as a project at Pentax. Information catalogues of the K10D were handed out, and there was a display of the camera's design, housed in an acrylic box with all the pieces floating and separated. There were large displays of print quality and color fidelity of the new 22-bit 10MP sensor compared to the 12-bit 6MP sensor. Epson also had a booth set up to show their printers in collaboration with the new camera.

Additionally, as many have already heard, repeats the rumor that the shipping date for the camera is postponed until the end of November due to overwhelming demand. However, when the K10D was first announced, the shipping "availability" was only specified as in November, so this doesn't really represent a major change in plan. It's like when Apple says they'll have something available in the summer, and they don't release it until the last week of the summer in September.

Links: Article (Japanese), Translated to English

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