Friday, October 13, 2006

New Pentax Related Sites

While there may not be too much new to talk about from Pentax this week (except the leaked uncorrected manual of the K10D...), it's been interesting for me that I finally noticed a couple new Pentax-related websites have popped up in the last little while, one of which is equally keen to examine Pentax ephemera on the net as this site. As well, I've found a couple of Pentax photo bloggers to add to the list.

First off, there's the newly launched Pentax Forums that are hoping to be an analogue or extension of the well-reputed dpreview Pentax forums (here). I wish them the best of luck, because forums are a community effort that become hard to maintain unless people put in a lot of their personal time, and I hope they find plenty of contributers.

Pentax Life is a new blog that's a bit more focused on anything Pentax camera related on the web, but they've got some good links and they update a bit more frequently than I do. I've been linked there a couple of times already and I have to admit their URL is pretty spiffy.

You should also take a look at the photoblogs of Dennis Noble and 5eptember, run by Erik Eklund. Both are shooters with Pentax DSLRs and they've got lots of pictures that they upload fairly regularly. Finding Pentax photobloggers should be easier, but not many seem to advertise. If you know of anyone who's blogging regularly with photos they take from a Pentax SLR (or DSLR), for heaven's sake, let me know!

Finally, I'd be remiss to mention that the OK1000 Flickr group is still playing around, now with over 60 members! If you've got a Flickr or Yahoo! account, I highly recommend you sign up and contribute to our little photo group of Pentax users sharing their favorite snapshots. You can check out photos like the one below by loosenball and many, many other talented phtographers at

Copyright loosenball, 2006.

Links: Pentax Forums, Pentax Life, Dennis Noble, 5eptember


Anonymous said...

Juan Buhler's superb Walter Molotov site at is also shot with Pentax kit, primarily a DS. I highly recomend this one, it's one of the best photoblogs on the net.

Frank Theriault's is shot partially with Pentax LX's, although he does use his Leica CL more often.

And my very own has a fair bit shot with Pentax kit (primarily my K100D and LX), although Nikon film kit and various other stuff is also used (The shot right now is from an Mamiya 645, although yesterday's is from the K100D).


OK-1K said...

Excellent recommendations!

Anonymous said...

DPreview has news on two new lenses, weather sealed, etc. One wide to medium one long medium to long, good fspeeds, too

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