Monday, October 16, 2006

Pentax AF x1.7 Teleconverter Back In Production?'s K100D Review Bonus

Way down at the bottom of's excellent review of the K100D, there's a neat little note about Pentax's teleconverter being back in production.

E-fotografija says: "Apparently, Pentax has restarted production of the AF 1.7x converter. A few of these are coming to Slovenia this week. We will bring you more news on that from Photokina."

Now, they put together an excellent review of the K100D, even though they sort of get a little over zealous with their ISO noise tests (I have no idea why they made so many "brutal" (in their words) adjustments to hunt for problems). But this little bit of news about the teleconverter just squeaks in at the bottom of the review. They haven't followed up with any information yet, so I don't know what the scoop is yet, but hopefully they're right. The x1.4 teleconverter is usually out there, and the 2.0L is presently "accepting orders" at, but the AF x1.7 converter hasn't been seen for quite a while, and it would be great to have it back on shelves.

Links:'s Reviews the K100D

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