Thursday, November 02, 2006

Apple Aperture 1.5.1 Free Trial and now with improved *ist DS support

The big news today was that Aperture is now available as a 30-day trial version for both Mac flavors (Intel and PPC). One of the readers here, Karl, kindly tipped me off that Aperture also has a new update today that provides better Pentax *ist DS support than previously with just Mac OS 10.4.6. That's good for me, because I have a DS and use a G5, but I imagine K100D users, among all the others, might be getting a wee bit impatient. If you feel you need support with Aperture for your Pentax camera, don't be shy to write and tell Apple you'd like it ASAP. It's been a long while this year's hot little Pentax cameras have been in the cold without good PEF support at Apple. If you're particularly polite, well-mannered, and get straight to the point, you could even try asking Steve Jobs himself.

Links: 1.5.1 Update, Aperture, Apple Aperture Discussions Board

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