Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Apple Releases Yet Another Update For *ist DS Compatibility

Updated 7:00pm: In what is probably the weirdest cycle of camera support I've ever seen, Apple released another Mac OS camera RAW update that supports "new" cameras, such as the *ist DS, which is not only a 2 year old camera, but one that Apple has already supported in their OS for a little while now (you could download this update seperately from the Aperture demo as of last week). A reader experienced some issues installing the Universal installer on a PPC (Universal is supposed to be Intel and PPC), so keep that in mind if you're a G3,4,5 user. Granted, DNG support is now working for Intel Macs with this minor update, and it represents some bug fixes, but there are a lot of cameras missing in action. What gives? A little K100D/K110D support please, folks.

If you're still looking for a quick and dirty way to use Aperture to process your K100D .PEFs, you can try Pentax Lab software to convert your .PEFs to DNG files, or use Adobe's free converter (here), because DNGs should work, although Adobe acknowledges some issues. If you can use this circumnavigation, let me know. are up the creek. Verified now that it doesn't work. Aperture does support 16-bit AdobeRGB TIFFs, which you can export from Pentax Photo Lab and which offer more control than JPGs. Otherwise, we're still waiting on a bonafied hack.

Link: Apple OS X Digital Camera RAW Support Update 1.0.1 ("Universal", Intel) and PPC


ShadZee said...

Could you test something for me?
I was under impression that the camera needs to be supported by Aperture regardless! So even if you convert to DNG, if the camera is not supported, the files will not show!?

So... are you able to use the K100D files on Aperture (after the DNG conversion)?

That would give me hope of being able to use Aperture with K10D before Apple fully supports the camera.


OK-1K said...

Well, Adobe knows there are problems that even though the DNG format has camera calibration info, it sometimes needs the camera model profile to be installed in the Mac OS. I hope the K100D series isn't one of those cameras, but it may be. I hope someone will give us their experience.

You can read more about the issue here at Adobe.

okto said...

Apple's apps (Core Image, really) can't read raw files from the K100D in any format, still. PEF, DNG, and linear image DNG do not work.

It's upsetting ,but kind of understandable, since Pentax has a tenth of either Nikon's or Canon's marketshare. I've seen more D50/70s and DRebels out in public than I care to think about.

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